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Posted on Apr 17, 2017 in Nepal, Travel |

Phewa Lake at Pokhara, Nepal

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No, I haven’t been to Nepal recently. In fact, this photo dates back to 2012. Pretty crazy how time flies. What has happened is that I have decided to go back and “rework” some of my old images using the experience I have gained over the past couple of years. In particular, some of my older work was based on a technique called HDR, made popular by Trey Ratcliffe and others. I seldom, if ever, use HDR anymore. So I thought I would go back and see what impact my newfound experience has on my old images. This image was taken on a Nikon D700. While the camera is still good, it is incredible the strides that have been made in digital cameras of late.

This is a photo of boats on Lake Phewa in the central part of Nepal.  As you can tell, it’s an incredibly beautiful spot. To get there you can drive, take a bus or better still fly. Flying in is not for the fainthearted because the airport is surrounded by mountains and the pilot has to make a radical decent into Pokhara airport.

Taking a trip to Pokhara on the shore of Lake Phewa is special, not only because of the lake, but also because one can take a short excursion from the town to get a beautiful view of parts of the Himalayas. There are buses (or you can take a taxi) that will take you to see the sun rise over the mountains, but the weather plays a big role with respect to the experience. If it is overcast, you obviously won’t see the mountains.

Phewa Lake

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