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Posted on Mar 31, 2017 in iPhone 7, Italy, Travel |

Il Pedrocchino Restaurant in Sacile, Northern Italy

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When I travel, food can be a double edged sword. Sometimes I just have to close my nose, eyes and mind and just eat what I am presented. I employ a kind of don’t ask, don’t tell policy. I figure ignorance is bliss in these circumstances. But then there are other times when the food is a real perk. In fact, I have to admit that this is more frequent than the other scenario.

On a recent trip to Northern Italy, my colleague, who lives there, took me to an absolutely incredible restaurant in Sacile, Il Pedrocchino. He knows the owners well and I got treated to Italian hospitality and food at it’s best. As is common in Italy, there were many courses, most based around fish, which I love.

The owner’s son had recently returned from a year in London where his father sent him to learn English. He had done an excellent job of picking it up, thanks to the disciplined approach of his host family. He was really chatty and made the even a lot more fun as he talked about the food, the restaurant and the experience in London.

The following are just some of the courses we were treated to. Sorry about the color rendering. For some reason WordPress messes with the colors on all my photos. I must get to the bottom of this!


First course, based on asparagus.

Course2 -1

Second course, I guess I should have written the ingredients down!


Next course! They just kept coming (I didn’t photograph them all). By the way, there was no menu. You were presented food, by the chef, based on what was fresh in the market that morning.


We were treated to a tour of the place after dinner, including the wine cellar, only a part of which I show you in the next photo. The wine cellar was absolutely amazing with wines that many would die for.


I cannot overstate what a great meal and experience this was. Thanks Pedrocchino!

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